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Why GoUzbekistan.com?

Dear Indian Guest,

Welcome to GoUzbekistan.com - B2B portal, a member of OrexCA.com brand family, offering Indian-targeted services for tourism in Uzbekistan.

Why GoUzbekistan.com?

- We are the first Touroperator in Central Asia who elaborated the special product for Indian market and have rich expertise on it.

- We have served more than 3000 Indian Guests, we aware of your high expectations, we serve the food which you like, we speak your language, we know what you want & understand your special needs!

- We have Indian staff at location Besides Indian employees we are constantly getting consults from leading Indian expatriates.

- We are web-style oriented, young and creative! Our staff is available in the office 6 days a week and 12 hours a day, but we wish to serve you even more...

- We are a "European standard" company! Quarter of our staff has worked abroad for international business. High ethical standards in partnership, consumption, and competition are our credo.

- We are the only ISO 9001:2008 travel company in Uzbekistan and Central Asia! We do not just get ISO 9001:2008, we implemented it!

- We are different! We are not competing, we are creating!

- We are a Romantic Touroperator! Art styled office. Creative product development. We work on both sides of tourism with India, we love Indian food, we love Indians, we love India!!

- We are an exclusive service oriented Company. Big corporate groups are not in the list of our prerogatives.

- We are a regional Touroperator. Central Asian scope of tourist services are provided by one company.

We at GoUzbekistan.com offer a professional approach, attractive prices, customized services & facilities for leisure tours, honeymooners, MICE, fun, historical & family travel, and special tours for Muslims and Buddhists.

Our guides will teach you all about the local history and lifestyle. You will be mesmerized by the incredible natural beauty, artwork and monuments of Uzbekistan.

Our tours are designed by young, very experienced professionals, keeping in mind the requirements of certain markets, by people who make your every minute worth more than you expect.

It is an honor for us that you have selected our services and we will try to prove that you have made the best choice.

While you are here, we will make every effort to bring you the maximum possible understanding and experience of the great wonders of the Uzbek land, so that by the end of your trip you will agree with us that Uzbekistan is Irresistible!

Your full-service tour operator in Uzbekistan


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