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        GoUzbekistan.com for the Indian Sub-continent

Namasté !!

OrexCA.com, the Central Asia's biggest on-line tourist company is pleased to announce its new brand - GoUzbekistan.com, Asia targeted B2B web-portal.

For more than 4 years, OrexCA.com has excelled as Uzbekistan's leading travel company serving Indian tourists. The OrexCA.com brand has become synonymous with trust, customized approach, distinguished service and the absolute best in customized tour package collections for India. We're not just a ground tour operator. We're travel designers who have a vision to be the absolute best!

Short historical review

It was three men of one passion, three dreamers against all odds, from different countries, of different professions, characters and personalities devoted to and united by one common obsession - by the dream of a time when the flow of people from the Indian Sub-continent will visit Uzbekistan as its Guests and will return home bewildered by the beauty of this wonderful country and completely floored by the hospitality of its people. As it is wisely said "to make ones dreams come true one must dream".

It was towards the end of 2005, when nobody believed in it: neither in India nor in Uzbekistan. The public awarenes of the new potential market requirements was quite poor and would not bring any benefit to real tourism, so change in mental approach towards tourism was most required. It was then that they understood that tourism must be approached according to the prospective market trends. The greatest idea which needed promotion was to offer Tashkent as a destination to hold conferences for multinational and other organizations.

In the span of five hardworking years their dream is seeing the light of the day! With the kind support of several people from the both countries they have managed to make it work. Today that simple idea is becoming a strong and fast growing business with triple growth per year. Two of these adventurers: Mr. Vimal Mehra and Mr. Michael Shamshidov, good partners and friends, are in the epicenter of the business, continuing their humble work in GoUzbekistan.com.

But in the larger sense, the initial discover of Uzbekistan by Indian tour operators is not a final result that the pioneers were dreaming of. Tourism from India now is represented by MICE segment only with very few families, adventurers, history and culture hunters. As experienced experts, we know Uzbekistan has a great potential for tourism in the fields of culture, religion, business, adventure, history, fun and leisure .It will continuously attract more and more visitors. Four-season place of visit offers a variety of programs for everybody. Close proximity makes ones travel here smooth and pleasant. Affordable pricing competes with the most popular destinations. Being a convenient stopover on the way to Europe it offers a great value for transit passengers. Unpolluted and clean, Compact and with low traffic, Crime-free and safe. Politically stable and economically growing. And the most hospitable and friendly people live here. While in Uzbekistan, guests get the feeling of being welcomed wherever they go. All these are among the charming elements of Uzbekistan as a new super-popular destination for Indian tourists!

The region is also the part of The Great Silk Route. In the light of the vicinity and geo political situation Uzbekistan and Central Asian countries will become the closest partners in economic, cultural, and transport affairs.

And also, few more words about the versatile team of GoUzbekistan.com (a part of OrexCA.com) who deals with Indian market: this people cordially like India! They regularly travel around India. They like Indian songs and movies. They like Indian food and serve guests with it at the most professional way. They speak fluent English. They experienced and understand many about the special needs of Indian tourists and travel professionals, how to make both of them be happy and satisfied and strive to facilitate everybody to experience the taste of the wonders and hospitality of Uzbekistan.

Indian brothers, welcome to the oasis of peace, to the land where ancient history and modern life converges.

Visit the wonderful land of Uzbekistan. Come and be our most honorable Guest!

Sincerely yours,

GoUzbekistan.com Team

GoUzbekistan.com is a part of OrexCA.com